Doors & Windows

Doors and Windows

One of the simplest and most dramatic ways to customize your project is with high quality and well-designed windows and doors, inside and out. Evans Lumber is proud to offer a wide variety of choices for virtually any need. With options from the highest quality manufacturers, we sell reputable brands providing lasting quality, style, energy-efficiency, and customizability. Whether it’s new construction, or a makeover, Evans Lumber provides windows and doors from the best and most respected in the industry.

Windows: Available in a variety of designs, features, sizes, colors, and materials. Aluminum or vinyl windows from Evans will give your project an exquisite look for years to come.

• Casement (cranking or push out) Windows
• Awning Windows
• Double-Hung Windows and Gliders
• Patio Windows
• Specialty Window Units

Doors: Available in a variety of sizes, materials; aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and steel, Evans can find you the perfect door to welcome your clients home.

• French Doors
• Sidelights and Transoms
• Folding and Panoramic Patio Doors
• Panel Doors
• Fire Doors
• Louvered and Bi-Fold Doors
• Standard MDF Doors in Many Styles